Active Shooter, Alert and Notification Emergency System - Testimonials

"Like most organizations, we never thought that we would need the FastCommand service that is offered by FastHealth, but we were terribly wrong. The need came when we were hit by a F3 tornado on March 1, 2007, which totally destroyed our hospital. We had no form of communication other than our FastCommand system, and through them the entire county was able to communicate with the outside world. It also allowed us to communicate with employees, physicians and patients about what are immediate and future plans were. I don't know how we would have survived without the FastCommand service!"

Marcus Johnson, director of marketing & public relations

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

"My name is Tim Davie and I am the Division Director of the Environment of Care for Lutheran Hospital of Indiana. Serving as hospital Safety Officer as well as organizing disaster preparedness is also a function of my duties. During the Fall of 2007 I was contacted by Alex Monroe of FastHealth Corporation regarding the FastCommand digital disaster response system.

After a number of system demonstrations and our belief in the capability of FastCommand to improve our emergency response efforts and Joint Commission requirements, the hospital's emergency management committee made the decision to purchase FastCommand for Lutheran Hospital. We also decided to expose our network hospitals to the system and they also agreed to come on board. The District 3 Hospital Bioterrorism Committee which is composed of 19 hospitals has now implemented FastCommand and is in the process of building the system out.

Alex Monroe sold us not only on FastCommand but the company's commitment to customer service. I must say, not only has the product been remarkable but customer service has exceeded our expectations. The responsiveness of Alex and the FastHealth team is always timely, professional and highly knowledgeable.

They have proven to hold up their end of the bargain as far as developing a customized system capable of fulfilling our needs. We have not only developed a solid business relationship, but Alex and the staff members of FastHealth have become personal friends as a result of their commitment to responding to our needs.

As Lutheran Hospital addresses the 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu and its challenges, FastCommand has proven to be a valuable tool. Going forward we will continue to learn of the system's capabilities and challenge ourselves as well as FastHealth to develop more unique system functions.
Kudos to the FastHealth Team!!"

Timothy M. Davie, Director, Environment of Care, Lutheran Hospital of Indiana

I would like to take a minute to express appreciation to an outstanding organization that has far exceeded our expectations in multiple areas of service.

Our rural Critical Access hospital contracted with Fast Health Corporation 2 ½ years ago to provide us specifically with the Fast Command component of their program. We have found this tool, and many others, to be of utmost value and will never go back to the old albatross calling tree method of mass notification.

Most importantly however, has been the impressive customer service that we have received in all areas, and from each and every representative, within the organization. Our first contact with Fast Health came through Alex Monroe, who has displayed nothing but a stunning demonstration of what it takes to exhibit customer service. It has been obvious that he cares about his customers and wants to help them succeed, and he does it with such style. If he says it, he follows up to make it happen. In the world of health care, we call it "case management with compassion" and that's exactly how he, and the entire organization, has made us feel.

From the top down, they have worked to make things happen and bent over backwards to see it to fruition - and for that, we are extremely grateful. The team is always willing to provide educational training when needed and are happy to answer any questions we may have.

In the 20 years of my nursing career, I have never worked with an individual, or a company, who has illustrated such a commitment to customer service. They are a fine example of what it takes.

Thank you Fast Health (Brad, Cara, Dennis and Alex) for standing together with us in our quest to provide the best medical care. Any health care facility would find it extremely beneficial to partner with this exceptional organization.

Laurie Ray, RN CHEC Employee Health / Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Central Montana Medical Center


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