Swine Flu Pandemic, Warnings, Alerts, Operations

Prepare Now With Patented Technology

In coming weeks your institution might be faced with the unfortunate scenario of dealing with a major pandemic or other major event. In the foreseeable future your ability to communicate with dispersed personnel and the public might be critical. FastCommmand is the answer.

Ability to Function Regardless of Location

FastCommandTM allows your emergency response to be commanded from remote access. The Digital Disaster Response SystemTM permits the ability of many critical communications to be web based therefore allowing key incident responders to post, review, and react from wherever they are.

Public Access

Not only is it important that responders communicate during biological disasters but during all scenarios and incidents. Informing the public regarding their welfare, advising other institutions regarding community status,and informing employees about response issues is critical. Having a simple text web based system for posting internal or external communications will be critical when the event occurs.

Your Responsibility

If you are not prepared to interrupt institutional websites with emergency information quickly or if you cannot interrupt a website for continuity of operations during a pandemic or other incident, then you are not prepared.

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