Taylor Regional Hospital
Mobile Alerts


Mr. Foote, our CEO, is looking forward to speaking with you again tomorrow. He asked that I forward this e-mail that requests a presentation with Jane.

As Mr Foote mentioned today our company is the developer of your website system. Many tools are there for your hospital to use. However, with the shooting that occured yesterday in Benton, Kentucy we have decided the hospital might want to see our Active Shooter system. This system will help your CEO be prepared to help the hospital during emergency events. It is needed. It will keep the hospital out of liability harm. So if possible, would you ask Ms. Wheatley if we could present to her next Monday or Tuesday. The system allows all staff to be texted. It also allows a communication board to appear when phone systems crash, and it allows your website to be replaced with a public safety site during a crash. Seeing it will open her eyes about this technology.

I know she is busy usually, but could you check and see if either this Friday or Monday we could show her.
Mr. Foote will show Ms. Wheatley how our Deflection Technology inserts an Emergency Banner across the top of your Hospital website during a threat, he also showed you the Communication Boards to be used during a phone outage. I really like how the Text Alert Interface allows you to send Disaster Plans to all of your staff's phones when needed, smart phones are critical these days!

Ashley Howell
Marketing Assistant to CEO
205-752-5050 Ext. 118- Direct Line
205-526-9669 Mobile


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