Sabetha Community Hospital Advances Website and Communication Technology

Sabetha, Kansas- Sabetha Community Hospital has chosen FastHealth Corporation for their advanced website development services. FastHealth Corporation offers safety, security, privacy, and compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Sabetha has also contracted to use FastCommand to keep communications adaptable and ongoing during emergencies and disasters. Sabetha will be initiating the FastCommand tools to ease staff coordination with continuous communications during these challenging times and during any future disruptions. The FastCommand system allows hospitals to care for and protect their patients, staff, and the community with advanced communications that are enabled during outages or panics.
With both systems enabled by Sabetha Comuntiy Hospital, it shows the region how sophisticated the hospital is becoming even during these challenging times.
About FastCommand

FastCommand patented website deflection technologies are specifically designed for critical emergency situations. This cutting-edge continuity technology helps communications to endure even during website overload or phone collapse. The tools are used by non-technical healthcare staff during many threats that can quickly occur in the healthcare industry and many other industries. The system is used during situations such as pandemics, active shooter events, natural disasters, hacking situations, etc. FastCommand has public safety teams available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to serve as the hospital's emergency communication personnel. Learn more at

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