FastCommand logo presented on the corporate office building located in Tuscaloosa, AL.
FastCommand logo presented on the corporate office building located in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Ward Memorial Becomes Compliant With The Launch Of Their New Internet Platform

MONAHANS TX, Aug. 12, 2021 -- Ward Memorial Hospital in Monahans Tx, has now contracted to use FastCommand to keep communications adaptable and ongoing during emergencies and disasters. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ward Memorial Hospital is initiating the FastCommand tools to ease staff coordination with continuous communications during challenging times. The FastCommand system allows hospitals to care for and protect their patients, staff, and the community with advanced communications that are enabled during outages or panics. You can view Ward Memorials command site at Ward Memorial has also chosen FastHealth Corporation for advanced website development services partially for reasons such as safety, security, privacy, and compliance with the American Disabilities Act. Both systems enabled by Ward Memorial show the region how sophisticated the hospital is becoming in these challenging times.

FastHealth Corporation works with hospitals to develop manageable websites meant for adaptability. FastHealth Corporation works with over 200 hospitals across the United States to assist hospitals in keeping their patients and data safe, secure, and private. Multiple departments can manage website areas when needed, giving them the capability to update and coordinate their hospital departments and website without difficulty. Whether you are using FastHealth for an online hiring system, bill pay center, patient forms, or even for advanced website designs, FastHealth is an adaptable and flexible system that can be customized specifically for today's needs of your hospital and community.

About FastCommand

FastCommand patented website deflection technologies are specifically designed for critical emergency situations. This cutting-edge continuity technology helps communications to endure even during website overload or phone collapse. The tools are used by non-technical healthcare staff during many threats that can quickly occur in the healthcare industry and many other industries. The system is used during situations such as pandemics, active shooter events, natural disasters, hacking situations, etc. FastCommand has public safety teams available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve as the hospital's emergency communication personnel. Learn more at

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