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FastCommand Has The Best Crisis Event Management System

During Active Shooter Events your website address is one of your most valuable resources. Notification systems are half the solution.

Smart Alerts should carry response needs during events. When word spreads, your website is ready for interactive communications at its popular source.

When phones collapse your web system can be resilient. When websites collapse FastCommand intercepts failing platforms so Internet dependence is not broken. Alerting the public through a popular website can assure simple distribution of details to staff, media, and the public when needed quickly.

Smart Alerts TM combine notifications with websites to guide people to major website locations so that emergency communication and banner alerts can guide masses of people. Through FastCommand, your website address becomes more resilient to high traffic. When your website is "alert enabled" it can be the logical starting point for the media, your staff, management and responders. This website and text alert enabling allow perpetual alerts to show at the web address even if your website collapses.

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