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Continuity of Operations System

Insuring Your Staff Can Operate

FastCommand Technology permits employees and staff to operate during a relocation event or during infrastructure collapse. Communication among staff must continue when disaster strikes, and there is no better system to insure operations and communications continue during an incident.

Critical Safety and Internet Telepresence Response Mechanisms

Public and Private institutions are understanding the ideal advantages of Internet platforms for emergency online communications. The redundancy built into Internet communications can provide urgent and dependable avenues when needed. In order to properly facilitate delivery of communications you need a responsible organization that ensures fulfillment and delivery. Having a system that is dynamic is critical. You need to adapt your platform to your immediate needs. The evolution of an incident or disaster might require ongoing modifications of your response platform. Our system provides the flexibility you need.

Patented Web Deflection Technology

Where will your employees, customers, citizens, and response agencies find you when you are not there? Our web deflection processes insure communications are not disrupted, even during a relocation event.

FastCommand, Proper Response When Needed...

When disaster strikes, unknown obstacles are sure to arise. Having a close partnership with a dependable organization away from the emergency event can make the difference.

Insuring You Are Ready...

The needs of healthcare institutions, universities, and public agencies are complex. Communication is the key to all solutions. FastCommand ensures you maximize the adaptability of your processes during the most serious of incidents.

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